Behind all the great scientists at ORNL is a team called “Mission Support.” We provide the wide variety of services needed to keep the ORNL campus safe and running. The ORNL campus is a lot like a small city of 5,000 inhabitants on any given day. We operate a fire department, a police service, a mail service, and a vehicle repair shop. We provide utilities like water, steam, and electricity. We operate a medical department with doctors and nurses. We have people who take care of our roads, our grounds, and our building. We even have restaurants.

Mission support represents the Facilities and Operations and the Environmental, Safety, Health, and Quality Directorates that support the R&D missions of ORNL. People in these roles at ORNL handle things including: Emergency Response, Facility Management, Engineering Management, Utilities, Safety Services, Nuclear and Radiological Protection, Environmental Protection, Transportation, Waste Management, and more.