National Engineers Week

Lipscomb University, Nashville — On Tuesday, February 19, ORNL’s Traveling Science Fair trailers visited Lipscomb University, as a part of National Engineers Week celebrations. More than 50 scientists from ORNL brought six mobile, interactive exhibits to the Lipscomb campus. Each themed trailer focuses on a different area of laboratory research, including: 

  • Become a Neutron: Visitors  explore the subatomic world of neutrons and discover their role in breakthrough research. 
  • Extreme Science: Learn how researchers explore the biggest and smallest systems in the universe. Visitors watch a star explode, peer into the depths of a black hole and learn how the sun works among other things. 
  • Get into Green: Take a walk through a rainforest and explore plant life and the hidden world of soil while surrounded by the sounds of birds. Learn how source materials are transformed to produce incredibly strong carbon fiber and other composite materials ready for a 3-D printer and more.
  • Supporting Research: Visitors learn how specialists including: engineers, health physicists, industrial hygienists, firefighters, medical professionals, computer programmers, and environmental scientists support the research mission.
  • Tiny Atoms … Big Science: Visitors learn how nuclear research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is used to detect international nuclear threats, provide cancer treatments through medical isotopes, improve nuclear reactors through modeling and simulation, and develop new technologies that can produce clean, reliable energy for future generations. 
  • What’s Your Problem: Learn about the power of today’s supercomputers and how they are used to solve many of the biggest scientific challenges facing researchers today. 
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