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Nion UltraSTEM 200

200 kV, 5th order aberration corrected Nion STEM, with Nion cold field emission gun, Gatan Enfinium dual EELS. Capable of operating from 40 – 200 kV, with sub-Ångstrom resolution at 200 kV, it provides the highest combination of spatial and energy resolution available.



VG Microscopes HB603U STEM with Nion aberration corrector

300 kV, cold field emission, ultra-high resolution STEM attains a beam size of ~ 0.78 Å, providing Z-contrast imaging with the annular dark field detector, and simultaneous, aberration-corrected, phase contrast imaging with the bright field detector. A modified objective lens and column extension provides efficient coupling into the Gatan Enfina electron energy loss spectrometer.



VG Microscopes HB601 STEM with Nion aberration corrector

100 kV, cold field emission, high resolution STEM giving a beam size close to 1 Å. Equipped with high-sensitivity parabolic mirror and spectrometer for cathodoluminescence spectroscopy and Gatan Enfina EELS system.



 Oak Ridge National Laboratory